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Automobile Maintenance

Buying a car, truck, or SUV is an investment that you make. In order to get the most out of your investment, you should follow vehicle maintenance protocols and make any automobile repairs necessary throughout the duration of your ownership.

A complete service history adds resale value to your vehicle.

Each time that you have automobile maintenance performed at Auto Star, documentation is made. This documentation can be used to solidify your vehicle’s value when it comes the time to sell or trade in your vehicle.

Automobile maintenance involves inspecting or testing the condition of your vehicle and servicing or replacing automobile parts and fluids. If this is done routinely, problems can be caught before they arise, and automobile repair service is needed less.

Regular maintenance is needed to assure the safety, reliability, drivability, comfort, and longevity of your transportation.

Bring your vehicle to Auto Star for vehicle maintenance:

  • Check and replace engine oil and replace oil filters
  • Check and replace fuel filters
  • Check and refill automobile fluids
  • Inspect tires for pressure and wear
  • Inspect or replace air filters
  • Inspect or replace timing belt
  • Inspect vehicle lights

We are also able to lubricate the vehicle’s locks latches and hinges, test electronics such as ABS or Anti-lock Braking Systems, and read fault codes from the engine control unit at this time.

After carefully checking over your vehicle for safety concerns, Auto Star will discuss all needed automobile repair services with you before moving forward.

After your automobile repair service is complete, you will be provided with paper documentation of the services performed and the dates they were completed.

Right before winter in Northeast Ohio is a great time for vehicle maintenance.

Click here to learn more about winterizing your vehicle.

If you have any additional questions about vehicle maintenance or automobile repair services and you live in the Barberton or surrounding Ohio areas, contact Auto Star.

Auto Star is also certified and trained in diagnosing problems with vehicle electronics.

If you have any questions about vehicle maintenance or automobile repair in the Akron, Barberton, or surrounding Ohio areas please do not hesitate to contact Auto Star auto mechanics.

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